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Innovation management

To meet growing future demand, thus securing further competitive advantages, we strongly support in the implementation / improvement of your innovation management process.

Gehrung & Partner can assist you in the following areas:

Analysis and implementation
of an innovation management process:

  • Innovation management process analysis
    (Innovation assessment)
  • Development of an, for the enterprise suitable,
    innovation management process (includes
    software support)

Coaching during the undertaking
of innovation projects:

  • Support with generating innovative ideas
  • Benchmarking
    (identifying the current product innovation level)
  • Patent research
  • Accompaniment in the progressing innovation process

Implementation and use of appropriate
innovative methods, such as:

  • Innovation checkliste
  • Ideal Final Result (IFR)
  • Contradiction Analysis (CA)
  • Inventive problem solving (TRIZ)
  • House of Quality (QFD)
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)
  • Design of Experiments (DoE)
Innovation management
Customer benefit

  • Securing the future
    Through innovative products and processes
  • Market opportunities
    First to Market
  • Cost reduction
    Through innovative products
    and production processes
  • Quality improvement
    Through innovative manufacturing techniques
  • Product improvement
    Reducing product complexity and
    increasing the functionality
  • Time saving
    More efficient generation of innovations
  • Qualification
    Through knowledge transfer of innovation methods

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