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Expediting at Asian supplier for European offshore wind turbine project

  • Gehrung & Partner provided successfully one of the European market leader for offshore wind parks in Asia its suppliers supporting expertise. In this project the technical and qualitative validation of a relevant and critical wind turbine component, consisting of over 20 complex subcomponents, has been managed. The activities were coordinated by Gehrung & Partner office in Shanghai and supported by the Hamburg office. In close cooperation with the customer the Chinese system supplier and its almost ten suppliers - spread throughout Asia - were audited and thereby target-oriented supported. A special focus was on qualitative, technical as well as timing criteria of customer requirements. In this context also EU regulations (e.g., regarding to CE marking) had to be considered.

    Based on extensive customer requirements, audits and re-audits at the system / subsystem suppliers were planned and during
    8 months executed based on well defined timing intervals. By a continuous status reporting passed to the client all participants were informed about the progress and especially about the quality of audited suppliers. The individual status reports were managed via direct online access at the client and, if necessary, supplemented with explanatory images. At the end of project Factory Acceptance Tests (FATs) were successful performed together with the client at the Chinese supplier’s location. The FATs highlights the positive implementation of supplier management by Gehrung & Partner.

    We are pleased to offer our wide range of technical expertise and methodological skills for you and manage your projects in Germany, Europe or Asia.

Supplier Management for Quality Assurance of exterior components of a sports car manufacturer

  • Gehrung & Partner was asked by a well-known South-German sports car manufacturer, to assist in the quality assurance of purchased parts of the exterior volume. One of the difficulties has been to control and balance the tasks of the various development and production sites in Germany and Slovakia.

    Concrete task was to evaluate the supplied volumes regarding specified vehicle manufacturer criteria at the respective Q-Gates, analyze supplied incorrect parts, implementation of suitable corrective actions at the supplier, monitoring the schedule and quality-oriented implementation of the actions and the final release of updated volumes. These tasks have been ensured, partly at supplier’s site, with the usual efficiency.

    In the course of our years supplier management support, we could – together with the involved suppliers, the local production, the quality experts and production experts of the client – stabilize and improve noticeable the quality level of the supplied parts. The sports cars and SUV's including our supervised exterior volumes are now successful in the field.

Preventive risk analysis in the fields of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles

  • Since many years Gehrung & Partner successfully consults well-known Tier 1 suppliers in the fields of hybrid, electric and fuel cell vehicles during the introduction, implementation and optimization of new innovative risk analysis concepts in the domain of alternative drive concepts.

    The challenge in these projects is the high complexity due to the necessary modularity for multi projects, new technologies, complex structures and the high number of interfaces to customers, both internally and to sub-suppliers. In cooperation with the respective clients Gehrung & Partner has succeeded in establishing, corresponding innovative risk analysis concepts, adapted to the requirements of each client. This approach takes place in interdisciplinary teams consisting of experts in mechanical, electrical / electronics, software, thermal management, chemical / battery technology and fuel cell disciplines. A high acceptance contributes significantly the development phase to improve design, design review, verification, validation and appropriate testing strategies. The consistency of causal chains beyond the borders of individual preventive risk analysis enables extensive analysis of the various failure modes and their causal impact up to customer level. Via suitable interfaces synchronization with the parallel carried out functional safety analysis, in accordance to ISO 26262, is ensured.

    The continuous updating of the risk analysis concepts, both in terms of technical changes and back reported test results, allows a current and efficient representation of all functional and technical risks.

Increase innovation - consolidated consulting by TRIZ Level 1 certificate

  • TRIZ is the „Theory of Inventive Problem Solving". This conceals methods and philosophy as well as the crossing of a quick and targeted search allows for mental blocks in an efficient manner. TRIZ provides, from analysis of many thousands of patents, the “Best-Practice” knowledge from successful inventors.

    Through close cooperation between Gehrung & Partner and the first TRIZ Master in German-speaking area, the inhouse knowledge about TRIZ Method was deepened and extended. With successfully passing a demanding examination and grant of the TRIZ Level 1 certificates, all Gehrung & Partner consultants confirmed their knowledge in TRIZ Methods.

    Based on this qualification Gehrung & Partner can offer their customers, independent of industries and products, direct and effective systematic problem-solving approaches.

    Ask us, we will gladly consult you competently.

Preventive risk analysis to ensure the development quality and the manufacturing process at Tier-2 automotive supplier

  • For many years now, Gehrung & Partner supports with his technical and methodic knowledge in the field of preventive risk analysis, a well-known specialist for demanding fluid power solutions and mechatronic plastic assemblies in the macro and micro level. With plants in Europe, North America and Asia the customer is supported for the introduction, implementation and optimization of new innovative FMEA concepts, which are used in the product development and production processes of valves and actuators.

    There is a specific challenge in the necessary variability of the projects. Especially pronounced is the high number of interfaces to a large number of customers, often via different “Tier-n” levels up to OEM. But also the internal interfaces as well as the integration of sub-suppliers require special analysis. During implementation of Process-FMEAs it was necessary to consider the specific boundary conditions of the different locations, especially in the Asian region. The modular design of FMEAs allows resource-efficient multiple use and easy upgrades with regard to technical changes in the product and manufacturing process. Testing results and field trial results are efficiently implemented in the FMEAs and ensure a timely updating of the risk evaluation.Using this approach  technical risks can be countered promptly and efficiently.

Gehrung & Partner now also represented in Asia

  • Now customers also participate in our new location in Asia. Since 01. Januar 2015 Gehrung & Partner is also present on this continent. The office in China/Shanghai offers the entire portfolio of our successful methods, concept and organization consulting.

    Many of our regular customers as well as their local suppliers are already using successfully the consulting expertise in the fields of innovation management, concept consulting, risk analysis, process management, quality- and project management. Our team in China/Shanghai is looking forward to your contacting to match our competences with your challenges in a first non-binding dialogue.

  • Gehrung & Partner
    Office China / Shanghai

    Summit Centre, 1088 Yanan Road
    Shanghai, 201702, China

  • Tel.: +86 21 / 62 51 21 16
    Fax: +86 21 / 62 10 76 91


Gehrung & Partner was authorized to be the consulting company for “go-Inno” by the Federal Ministry for Economy Affairs and Energy (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie (BMWi))

  • As an authorized consulting company for the BMWi’s successful “go-Inno” program, Gehrung & Partner offers a comprehensive innovation consulting service (“go-innovativ”) and sustainable consulting service for increased resource and material efficiency (“go-effizient”) for small and mid-sized companies. By certifying our competent consultants in these topics, by the BMWi, Gehrung & Partner is authorized to issue innovation vouchers in respect of the appropriate guidelines.

    As part of the “go-innovativ” consulting service, we accompany them from the structured preparation of their innovation intentions by estimating the technical feasibility and the market chances to the implementation of the innovation. With our “go-effizient” program we will offer our ample practical experience to increase resource and material efficiency, thus increasing profitability of your company. Wasting materials in products and in production will be reduced and concrete measurements are implemented to reduce resource and material usage and finally recycling activities are developed.

    The BMWi innovation vouchers cover up to 50% of Gehrung & Partner’s consulting costs.

    Ask us, we will gladly consult you competently.


Analysis und optimization of a manufacturing process in China/Shanghai

  • Gehrung & Partner was employed by a renowned automotive supplier with international production sites for an optimization project in China/Shanghai. Due to repeated problems with Chinese sub-suppliers in the production process, the German corporate headquarters decided to involve external experts with international experience. The task was to analyze the relevant processes at the local suppliers and verbalize necessary recommendations.

    By assigning the in Shanghai residing representative and partner the recommendations were implemented successfully and on short notice. Consulting important material experts from local networks in China lead to a success of the project. The combination of Gehrung & Partner’s provided process know-how and methodological knowledge guaranteed our client the successful implementation of material and process audits of his suppliers.

    Currently more requests from China are presented to us, especially in the Shanghai metropolitan area. Due to an increase of concrete requests, as well as a general demand for qualified consulting service, the China division at Gehrung & Partner will systematically expanded.

Customer service increased- Gehrung & Partner, your consulting partner for national and
international funding programs

  • Starting October 1, 2014 Gehrung & Partner is offering an expanded service program.

    Do you, as a small or mid-size company, know about all the existing and interesting funding programs? Do you know
    which funding programs the market place has to offer?

    Opportunities to increase international competitiveness, project management to institutionalize, introduce systematic
    innovation management, or raise the existing quality management system to the next higher level are rarely taken.
    If companies know about these potential programs there is often a lack of understanding, if one is qualified for them.
    Or one does not have the time to evaluate the requirements. Many opportunities to strengthen oneself in a tough competitive
    environment are left to be unused.

    As management consulting & engineer specialist we understand our customer’s specific demands. We grasp the
    necessity of implementing change, especially consistent improvement. Until now, you have known us to be a consulting
    partner oriented around implementation, who recommends improvement measures. Furthermore, we help with the
    implementation, if needed.

    Starting October 2014 we will notably expand our service program. Starting at that time, we will be actively standing
    by your side to find the funding programs and actively accompany you with the application. We are providing our customers
    this service as part of the project. We would gladly conduct an assignment related analysis and assessment of proposals.

  • Ask us! We would be happy to consult you competently!

Supplier Management on behalf of a southern German automotive manufacturer to protect
start of production of a new vehicle generation

  • Gehrung & Partner was asked by a well-known manufacturer of sports cars and SUV’s to support the  startup process in the manufacturing plant site. In addition to the extremely high demands on the quality level of the components because of the high demand, the steep, significantly deviating from the original plan start-up curve had to be ensured. By customer specific manufacturing knowledge as well as profound knowledge in quality management was required. The ability to identify problem causes, a constructive contribution to the development of improvement actions, but also to overcome the suspense between supplier and OEM were additional requirements on the enabler profile.

    Specific task was to stabilize, improve and develop quality situation and production capacity for the critical initial phase. The focus was on previously defined components of the interior – in particular around the door area. Gehrung & Partner could provide this wide-ranging expertise in the range of multi-component plastics technology, metal processing- and finishing as well as in the coating of surfaces. An important task was set for surface part suitable failure criteria for objective and subjective evaluation which specific quality management expertise required. Within the specified time frame managed in close cooperation with suppliers, as well as to gain the quality and production experts in the field, the desired level of quality of production parts and stabilization at this level has been achieved. It was also necessary to evaluate the processes of suppliers in their manufacturing facilities and to engage when coordination was required. Where necessary actions and adjustments of process and product between OEM and suppliers were moderated intermediary.

  • To ensure the objective quality and capacity in this critical phase of the product life cycle was consistently achieved in collaboration with all stakeholders.

Integrated moderation of Product-FMEAs for the preventive protection of the developing
quality of a new exhaust gas recirculation cooler

  • As method- and professional experts Gehrung & Partner once more received an order from a well-known German / American system supplier of vehicle coolers to execute the preventive risk analysis of a new exhaust gasrecirculation cooler. During the risk analysis the development departments of the system supplier as well as important sub-suppliers were integrated and trained to successful teamwork.

    The risk analysis was necessary to define all essential requirements and risks for the development of a new complex exhaust gas recirculation system and guarantee the compliance. In the first priority the requirements to compliance future legal limits for emissions were directed as e.g. EURO 6. Further focus lay on the protection of the high customer requirements with regard to cooling efficiency, volume flow and tightness requirements. To guarantee the high specifications towards the subassembly other FMEA packages (Product / Process) were realized successfully with sub-suppliers. To ensure consistency, there were regular consultation meetings for ongoing risk assessment together with the OEM. All potential risk of system functionality could be ensured by using this interface view. Relevant risk minimizing actions and the related validation tests have been defined. To ensure the effectivity of the actions regular status review meetings with prioritization of ongoing activities took place.

  • The in-time start-up of the exhaust gas recirculation system could be ensured in compliance with all relevant law and functional requirements to the fullest satisfaction of the customer, the involved sub-supplier and the OEM´s. The achieved results had been so convincing that the customer immediately ordered a following project after the end of this.

Efficient risk analysis of a newly developed innovative touchpad system of well-known
premium automobile manufacturer

  • Gehrung & Partner was able to accompany the launch of a newly developed innovative touchpad system in telematics / human-  machine interface with a well-known premium automobile manufacturer. Focus here was the systematic, project-related risk analysis using the FMEA method both OEM and system suppliers on side.
  • The touchpad product FMEA includes the risk analysis of all required mechanical, electrical, software and related man-machine interfaces towards environment. Because of the comprehensive method- , technical and facilitation skills within Gehrung & Partner a senior expert with deep experience in the field of Human-Machine Interface (MMI) was involved. The aim was the diverse requirements from the OEM to question if necessary, to convert into concrete requirement / issue request to thereby enable early detection of potential weaknesses and risks of the overall system. These tasks were particularly challenging due to the multi-touch-capability of the touchpad, so the possible gesture control, the extraordinary design and the high quality standards paired with the short development time of the touchpad.

  • Even with the new touchpad functions it is shown that the importance of software in the vehicle increases steadily. Based on the extensive software the touchpad recognizesfor instance, if a contact is actually an intentional operating processor only nonspecific touch of the touchpad. Further the active haptic feedback is helping to improve driving safety. Securing these SW-related functions, therefore, became an important focus of preventive risk analysis. Here various potential failures were detected and eliminated.

    The new developed touchpad system is meanwhile successful applied in several new vehicle series. It is a milestone for an intuitive use and a step towards a holistic man-machine interface. Recently, this touchpad system was honore with the "Special Award Innovation”.

Product cost optimization by process and production analysis in an Asian production site
of a well-known model figures manufacturer

  • Gehrung & Partner was chosen, by a well-known model figures manufacturer, for consultation in an assessment.
    The target was, within a few weeks, to conduct an efficiency analysis in one of the foreign branches in an Asian
    country. It was the priority to critically question the organizational structure, as well as assess the existing production
    processes and the related operational organization.

  • The reason for the analysis was the company’s realization, that despite the increase in costs in that past few years
    a notable increase in productivity was not realized. Due to a change of the social environment a high fluctuation
    in important employees resulted and the causes for this development were to be understood. The results of the
    analysis should be presented in the management report and should state counter-measures to deal with the
    problems at hand. Since the production site was in an Asian country, next to our technical qualifications, we were
    challenged to develop a special intuition for working with different employees of different ethnical and religious

    Within the given timeframe we were able to have an extensive picture of the situation at the production site and
    name the flaws that were recognized.  After a short time period the client was handed a management report.
    This report included, next to the description of the encountered problem areas, a list of suggestions to optimize
    and prioritization of the measures. Costs and benefits were put into an economic relation to each other. Based
    on the list of measures created by Gehrung &Partner the client was able to promptly initiate the proper measures.

Successful Run@Rate project with a well-known engine manufacturer

  • Gehrung & Partner have analyzed and helped optimize the quality management processes, especially around
    Run@Rate, for well-known engine manufacturer. Emphasized hereby was to ensure, especially on supplier’s side,
    the planned beginning and ending phases of construction component changes. Of utmost importance was the
    goal not to disrupt the ongoing production process and to ensure availability of components.

  • As part of the risk analysis Gehrung & Partner, in close cooperation with the client, selected particularly relevant, or
    critical suppliers within Germany, England, Portugal, and Spain. Within the framework of a stringent operative
    supervision these suppliers were qualified to ensure compliance with the agreed upon standards (Adherence to
    delivery dates, component quality, quantity, etc.). Prioritized were the surveillance and auditing of relocation of
    supplier’s production site, support with initial sampling inspection of supplier’s components (PPAP), security of
    component supply for the production line and deadline mentoring for supplier’s components, processing of
    reclamations towards suppliers, supervision of change in supplier and  deadline surveillance of implementation of
    manufacturing changes. If needed audits were conducted with the suppliers. An as particularly critically classified
    supplier was intensively supported with planning and construction of his manufacturing site und brought to the level
    of the standards demanded, thus ensuring the compliance with the dates of the start of production.

    Thus, in the past 2 years quality management processes could be gradually optimized to ensure a steady supply
    of components. Together with the suppliers and the client the successful achievement of milestones and the optimization
    of the beginning and ending phases of construction were implemented. Furthermore, a more intensive and sustainable
    culture in communication between the supplier and the engine manufacturer’s site of manufacturing was developed
    and established.

New Subsidiary in Hamburg

  • Since January 1, 2014 Gehrung & Partner is now also present in northern Germany. For our new office, Hamburg
    was chosen to locally, thus optimally, serve companies located in northern Germany and Scandinavia. Hereby,
    we have increased the proximity to our customers and can work more efficiently on the increasing number of
    requests for consulting projects in the north. The branch provides the entire portfolio of our successful method,
    concept, and organizational consulting.

  • With our longstanding, in many successful projects proven expertise with the areas of competence in innovation
    management, concept consulting, risk analysis, process management, quality management, and project management;
    we will be enhancing our operations in the industries, such as renewable energy, maritime engineering/ shipbuilding,
    aircraft manufacturing, rails/train, and general machine/ plant construction, thus further strengthening our main
    focus automotive.

    We will be delighted to creatively and successfully work together. Our team in Hamburg will be happy to come into
    contact with you to have a first time, non-committal meeting about your challenges and our areas of competence.

    Gehrung & Partner

    Office Hamburg

    Waterloohain 5a
    22769 Hamburg

  • Germany

    Tel.: +49 170 / 4085401

SW Project Management in the area functional security

  • An internationally operating construction conglomerate with its own electronics development and fabrication,
    and extensive hardware competences wants to advance its software competences in the future. As a pilot project
    a newly developed steering mechanism was chosen, which on the side of the software is carrying out the electro
    dynamical steering of dirt excavators. Hereto the functional security of the entire system has to fulfill the
    Performance level (PL) d according to ISO 13849 by proof a certificate.

  • Because of the proven expertise, with much experience in the areas of automotive electronics for security
  • relevant systems, Gehrung & Partners was chosen to do the SW project management for the implementation
  • of the process. Right from the start, by means of systematic investigation of the basics principles, it was
  • established that the designated hard and software architecture satisfies the necessary system requirements,
  • i.e. accuracy, cycle length, error reaction time. The classic project planning followed regarding a defined coverage,
  • process timing, planned costs, and necessary qualifications. As a routine during the kick-off meeting all project
  • members were made familiar with the details of the schedule and instructed with the derived assignment package
  • to ensure a successful implementation of the project.

    As planned, the successful project was transferred, after a 12 month period of us doing the SW project management,
    to a division within the company devoted to this project. With the help of this project a sustainable expansion of the HW
    and SW competencies has been established, thus the desired competitiveness secured.

Partner of the 11. Karlsruher Symposium for Knowledge Management

  • Gehrung & Partner is this year’s Partner at the 11. Karlsruher Symposium for Knowledge Management.
    The symposium is organized by the Arbeitskreis Wissensmanagement Karlsruhe e.V. (AKWM)
    and has the motto “Knowledge Management needs Leadership or Leadership needs Knowledge Management?”.

  • Taking part will be the noted speakers Prof. Dr. Felix von Cube, behaviorist, educator and author of many
    best sellers, Prof. Dr. Klaus North, founding president of the “Wissensmanagement” society and academic
    director of the „Wissensmanager des Jahres“-prize and Prof. Dr. Joachim Bauer, neurobiologist, doctor and
    psychotherapist from Freiburg will hold captivating talks at the symposium.

  • Within the symposium the “Deutsche Nachwuchspreis Wissensmanagement“ will be awarded. It will be given
    in the categories Bachelor and Master and endowed with a prize. The winners will present their work at the
    start up event AKWM in 2014.

Introduction of an Innovative FMEA Concept in the Area of Electro Mobility

  • For the past two years Gehrung & Partners has successfully supported a well-known Tier 1 supplier with the
    introduction, implementation and optimization of a new innovative FMEA Concept in the area of electro mobility.

    The challenge with this project was the high degree of complexity due to the necessary modularity of multifaceted
    projects, new technologies, complex FMEA structures and many interfaces. Gehrung & Partners has, in
    cooperation with the customer, successfully implemented an appropriate innovative FMEA concept. This is taking
    place in an interdisciplinary team of experts in the fields of mechanics, electrics, software, thermal management,
    chemistry and battery technology. It is receiving much appraisal by these experts and is an essential contribution
    to the improvement of the design, design reviews, verification, validation, and to the test strategies; all parallel
    to the development. Thanks to suitable concept of different variations and a cloning/consolidation approach adapted
    to the specific needs of the company, we able to have a temporally and locally efficient, parallel, and independent
    work in the different FMEA modules. The consistency between the different FMEAs of the functional and failure
    chains makes it possible to have an extensive analysis of different failure patterns und their causal effects, all the
    way to the customer. The mapping of the failsafe strategies used through corresponding failure detecting and re-
    action concepts within the entire mechatronics FMEA enables differentiated analysis of the failure reactions and an
    efficient deduction of special attributes. With the help of suitable interfaces synchronization with the parallel operating
    functional safety analysis is ensured.

    The continually updated entire FMEA is capable of efficiently displaying current information on technical risks as
    a result of technical changes, as well as the reported trial results. A creative reporting and LoP tracking process
    enables cyclical FMEA status reports to be sent to the management.

Adaptation to positive corporate development and market changes

  • In the past years we were able to realize many projects with you. As time passed our company grew
  • and we have incorporated new partners and many more experienced specialists into our circle of partners.  

  • For an appropriate response to the positive developments and due to changes in the market we will
  • structurally adapt to the dynamic environment. Externally we will communicate this by changing our name.

  • Gehrung & Partner

  • Your competent contact in the areas of Innovation Management, Concept Management, Risk Analysis,
  • Process Management, Quality Management and Project Management. We will be delighted to continue
  • to successfully work together.

Project management for a well-known commercial vehicle manufacturer

  • Gehrung Wolff & Partner accompanied the development of an innovative system of a well-known
  • commercial vehicle manufacturer and, in doing so manage the project in the area of quality.

  • One of the main foci of the job was to monitor the defined quality goals, to create the corresponding
  • reporting specific to the customer, and coordinate quality relevant topics with the particular divisions,
  • as well as, the overall project management team. Another important part of the task was the preventive
  • risk management, for which a Product-FMEA System was started in the early stages of the project phases.
  • Here the functional relationships of the entire system and of each component were preventively checked.
  • The risk assessment was added continuously during the project and adapted to the technical changes to
  • the ancillary conditions. Thus, a continuous risk evaluation was ensured.  As a result of the close contact
  • with the corresponding areas of development, it was possible for us to have a promptly coordinate with the
  • suppliers to quickly incorporate the results of the FMEA into the pilot plan.

  • After two years of successful project management in the area of quality management, we were able to pass
  • on the task to an employee from within the company for its continuation.

Expansion of our our social commitment

  • Gehrung Wolff & Partner (GWP) supports the Evangelic Youth Foundation Löchgau with a donation of 1,000 Euro.

    The Evangelic Youth Foundation Löchgau is a social church institution with a staff of approx. 25 persons actively
    engaged in the voluntary work. By common activities, open to all children and young people,  the volunteers encou-
    rage the diverse talents and skills of children and young people. The projects "Family Olympics" and "Lego City",
    funded by GWP, encourage actively creativity, flexibility and team spirit. As mentioned in this
    article of the newspaper Neckar-Enz-Bote, GWP is pleased to support the commitment of the volunteers. This
    donation is the starting point for various activities for the year 2013, with which Gehrung Wolff & Partner strengthens
    its social commitment.

Successful interim management mandate and PMI project management
for a well-known commercial vehicle producer

  • After a last-minute absence of a head of department for the electric/electronic research department at a well-known,
    internationally operating commercial vehicle producer; it was our job to competently compensate for the void as
    an interim manager. By assigning a senior partner to the job with many years of leadership experience in the area
    of electronics Gehrung & Partner satisfied this demanding assignment.

    The extent of the project was very challenging. During the time of our operation a new leadership structure,
    based on the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) Guide, was in the phase of being implemented.
    It was necessary to continue this process. The senior partner’s vast and practical experience was an important
    prerequisite for a successful realization of the task. The established Project Management Institute (PMI) Methods
    consisting of the different areas of knowledge in integration, volume, deadline, cost, quality, employees, communi-
    cations, risk, and procurement management were efficiently implemented and applied.

    As part of successful team work the process was described in detail and the necessary tasks, expertise, and
    responsibilities (TER’s) were determined for the individual functions and persons. For a sustainable implementation
    in all project management processes we organized on-topic and team relevant workshops. By cooperatively
    including all employees in the introduction process, it was positively rated and accepted throughout the company.
    While Gehrung & Partner’s interim management employment the first projects were planned and begun following
    the PMI procedure.

Interim project management for a mechatronics OEM project
for transmissions of a well-known tier one supplier

  • On short notice a well-known tier one supplier commissioned Gehrung Wolff & Partner to temporarily manage
    a mechatronics OEM project for transmissions. This task was handled by GWP senior consultant with years
    of experience in leadership for utility vehicle OEM development.

    Hereby the project, from a functional aspect, was about a newly developed automatic transmission for utility
    vehicles. From a technical stand point, the project exceeded cost and time goals, due to a vacant project
    manager and an inexperienced development team, and resulted in the project being on “red”. Within six
    months GWP, while systematically planning and leading the work, has successfully reduced high demands
    for OEMs, reached the goal to achieve time and technical requirements to result in the “yellow” zone, and also
    has defined cost reduction measure in workshops. Thus, the approval for the series was certain. Meanwhile,
    GWP has trained an employee with a permanent contract to be in charge of the project and keep it on a
    successful path.

Preventive protection of unit output increase for sports cars manufacturers

  • Challenging within this project was to notably increase the unit output of 75 suppliers within 6 months, while
    adequately preparing and accompanying them. It was expected that some suppliers would, for various reasons,
    have problems with reaching the output target. The increase could therefore jeopardize the series production
    and in the worst case even lead to a production standstill at the sports car manufacturer.

    Gehrung Wolff & Partner (GWP), a consulting company which specializes, i.a., on process improvements in
    the automobile industry, was commissioned with up to 6 experts as a quick response force to provide the necessary
    concepts and experts. Initially, the GWP experts identified the risks related to the unit increase. Here questions were
    asked, such as, can the tools meet requirements, is the production made for such quantities, are enough qualified
    people on board to manufacture theses quantities, is there enough space for  possible  interim storage. The “Q-Check”
    designed by GWP showed itself to be helpful, because it was conceived comprehensively, thus, including supply,
    logistics, questions with contracts, also points of classic quality issues. The openness and positioning as an honest
    mediator between the OEM and its suppliers was a critical achievement of the GWP experts. On corresponding profiles,
    with a stop light labeling for the risk levels, essential facts, as well as, measures were written down. An important
    mile stone during the support of the 75 suppliers were visualized on a road map, as well as a “production map”,
    which was available to the involved production sites. The project progress was documented and weekly communicated
    by GWP with the road map and profiles.

    “The starting up with the 30% higher unit output went very smoothly” as positively commented by the OEM.
    This was easily seen due to few complaints at Q-Audits, in the context of the supplier surveillance of the production.
    The factors of success were the timely concentration on high-risk suppliers, the partnership with outside of the
    hierarchy the process experts as moderators, and the focused instructions for decisions. This successfully applied
    methodology is already considered for more projects in the corporation.

Gehrung Wolff & Partner has, as a result of rapid expansion, hired a Spanish coworke

  • Because of the deficit of engineers in middle sized companies in Stuttgart and its region, the Baden-Württemberg
    International and the Spanish job administration transferred 100 Spanish engineers during 6.-8. December 2011,
    who would like to work in companies in the region, to Stuttgart for a
    campaign called "Nikolaus". The Spanish
    applicants were rated by the companies on their technical and social competences during a “speed dating”- event
    in “Haus der Wirtschaft”.

    Out of the eight applicants Gehrung Wolff & Partner was interested in, three made it to the next round. These applicants
    were invited to see the company and get a better picture of their potential new employer. As a result the best fit applicant
    for Gehrung Wolff & Partner was put under contract on 02/01/2012

Recertification for EN ISO 9001:2008

  • In April 2011 Gehrung Wolff & Partner was recertified by TÜV SÜD Management Service GmbH for
    EN ISO 9001:2008.
    After the audit the auditor recommended to extend the certificate without any variations or negative observations.

    The auditors comment: "Through the realization of the QMS as a Web 2.0 application, the continuous renewal of the
    QM-System is guaranteed and the employees live the KVP process."

    With the recertification and presentation of the certificate, TÜV SÜD Management GmbH has confirmed that Gehrung
    Wolff & Partner, due to its implemented QM-System, can assure clearly defined operating cycles, procedures, and can
    guarantee a high sustainable quality of services.

    Incidentally, we offer the
    QMS-Wiki as a Web 2.0 application also as a product.

uccessful integration of Risk Analysis and Functional Safety

  • Gehrung Wolff & Partner has succeeded, with a well-known car manufacturer, in integrating an established
    Preventive Risk Analysis (FMEA) and the meanwhile additionally demanded Functional Safety (ISO 26262) in
    a practical and efficient way. By combining an intelligent illustration of the risks and hazards, with the specific
    FuSi relevant systems, the development effort could be reduced significantly. Hereby complex interdependencies
    can be clearly depicted and evaluated more easily.

    This approach was noted as particularly helpful by the management and will be further developed.

Project management for sensor system at a well-known semiconductor producer in USA

  • A well-known system manufacturer from the automotive industry ordered Gehrung Wolff & Partner to take over the project management for a Task Force Team at a supplier in the USA. An innovative and new developed sensor system was transferred under special conditions and challenges to marketability.

  • To secure the success of the project at the American semiconductor suppliers a Task Force had to be installed and managed on-site. Gehrung Wolff & Partner has used for this a senior adviser with long-standing, international professional experience and project experience. Additional to the leadership and coordination of the international project team the tasks were multifarious. The tasks ranged from the participation in the preparation of the Vendor addendum, representing the interests of the system local suppliers, control of the necessary design changes, forcing a reduction in the planned design change duration from 6 to 3 months defining and detailing the schedule with milestones, monitoring of defined individual actions and the necessary result control to coordination and monitoring of the DOE program to characterize the current state of design. For transparent project implementation a corresponding project manual was prepared and communicated in the team.

  • With help of the successful project management on site the necessary design modifications have been minimized, implemented timely and sufficiently evaluated. Consequently an impending delay of the new development of this innovative sensor system had been prevented. Meanwhile, the sensor system is in use at the OEMs and has been proven in the field.

Admittance / certification after DIN EN 61508 for an explosion-proof resistance thermometer.

  • GWP has accompanied the process relevant to development to verify the SI-Level 2. This process has been
    documented, underpinned with an internal system audit, and with the help of a FME(D)A, which produced the
    computational proof, confirmed by a certification company without any objections.

    Our customer has therefore, within the development period of only 12 weeks, achieved a complete guidance
    of proof for the acquisition of the step SIL 2, thus again fulfilling market demand and remaining decisive for
    contest furthermore.

Analysis of the present risk management in ship building

  • The integration of a risk analysis-process in the existing organization, or business processes was to be examined.
    Hereto the existing risk management processes were analyzed to determine the maturity of existing risk analyses (FMEA).

    Compared to previous experiences - and to other branches - various potentials arose:

    • accurate approaches of calculation
    • effective acquisition documents
    • profitable development and construction
    • secure design, shorter processing time
    • higher quality-standards
    • integrated knowledge management
    • higher customer satisfaction

    Externally improved competitiveness, internally high employee and manager motivation. Now all employees can use
    their talents and competences more specifically. In doing so the company will be able to lead the world market for
    several years to come.

Concept integrating process and knowledge management

  • As part of the consulting work within the coaching program of Gehrung Wolff & Partner for service companies,
    an innovative concept to integrate process and knowledge management was created.

    In consequence of the complexities within companies, business processes,and ongoing change of information
    and knowledge management; integration of the process and knowledge management has gained importance.
    By transferring knowledge management basics and due to the modeling approach to knowledge intensive business
    processes, the consulted service company had grown. And as a result of the coaching, the understanding of
    some basics and with the help of the ample knowledge in process management, an innovative concept to a product idea
    was developed. By reasonably expanding the product portfolio and the emerging market demand the company is now
    better prepared for the coming market requirements. The research showed the connections between the classical
    process and knowledge management. Especially the process management in knowledge intensive business processes
    has shown different kinds of input for the knowledge management for the entire company. Furthermore, this integrated
    concept enables a differentiated view on the existing, or essential knowledge carriers (implicit or explicit) within
    the company out of which appropriate measures can be deduced.

    Also, the possible mapping of specific people with the respective knowledge object (implicit knowledge) resulted
    in value gained.

    This integrated concept proposal gives transparency on the knowledge streams within the company, which
    can be used for knowledge buildup or expansion within the learning organization.

    You can find more details in the appropriate
    concept document.

Introduction of an innovation management process in the service sector.

  • In the course of an innovation coaching project, Gehrung Wolff & Partner successfully implemented an innovation
    process management based software tool (SW-tool) in the service sector (engineering office). Due to GWP’s systematic
    coaching the service company has the capability to provide competitive innovation processes and methodologies to
    its customers in the future.

    As part of the ongoing consulting activities, the service company has already been successful in adopting the jointly
    developed innovation process management within the development and introduction of a new product development (NPD).

    Gehrung Wolff & Partner is a registered consultant for the “Förderprogramm Coaching” (with funds from the European
    Social Fund). The regulations, relating the funding program for coaching and the funding program for qualification consulting
    and human resource development, imply that the coaching only can be exercised by consulting companies applying quality
    management systems themselves. This must either be certified by an accredited certifier of the “Deutschen Akkreditierungsrat”
    (German Accreditation Council), or alternatively certified with the seal of approval “Service Qualität” with at least a Stage I

Collaboration with University of Heilbronn

  • In the context of cooperation between the interdisciplinary Institute for Intelligent Business Processes (i3G) of the University
    of Heilbronn and GWP an innovation project supported by the state of Baden-Württemberg is conducted. For this a classic
    quality management manual (QMM) was mapped on a Web 2.0 platform. Basis for the technological implementation is a
    wiki system, which was adapted to the specific requirements.

    This provides the technical requirements to incorporate the continuous improvement process (CIP) into our every day
    quality process. Through the active participation by the users, the QMM’s degree of details and utility adapts to real
    requirements in a problem- and practice-oriented manner.

GWP presentation at IT-Brunch

  • At the beginning of January 2009, during the monthly IT Brunch, GWP was asked to hold a lecture based on their
    experience on risk management, as a key component of project management. Here, the synergies between the two
    GWP services, project management and preventive risk analysis, were illustrated and presented on the basis of
    ongoing projects. Furthermore, the growing level of integration between the information technology and the automotive
    industry was depicted. The lecture is available here.

    The IT-Brunch is a free networking and information event in Ludwigsburg. In addition to bringing descriptive information
    from the information technology sector and adjacent areas, the concept is also an opportunity for exchange among people
    and companies in the region. For the participants IT Brunch continues to serve as a framework for ongoing communication
    with representatives of other companies.

Systematic Knowledge Management at GWP

  • Knowledge is the most important corporate resource of the 21st Century. For GWP a targeted approach to
    knowledge therefore is, especially in the context of complex products, processes, and services, vitally important.
    Systematic knowledge management objectives enhance the transparency of the knowledge available, to optimize
    existing processes and allow all employees a fast, easy access to the GWP expertise.

    For an efficient representation of the existing Gehrung Wolff & Partners' knowledge, experience, and skills a GWP
    wiki server is used. This Web 2.0 application allows the easy exchange and further development of already existing
    expertise. The benefit to our clients is therefore a fast, consistent and always available access to our extensive

Optimization of business processes in the IT industry

  • As part of the process analysis and improvement projects in the IT industry, Gehrung Wolff & Part, in cooperation
    with "Change Partners AG", was able to support the process of documentation as well as the implementation
    of process management within this company. By means of the "train the trainer" approach, activation and
    motivation of the involved staff was possible to document, optimize and implement several key process elements
    such as sales, procurement, and project management. Parallel to the long-term measures intended for future
    processes, leadoff "quick win" measures were identified and in most instances implemented.

    The resulting cost savings had increased transparency in work processes and had improved collaboration
    between the various departments provoked the management to proceed with the project, hence advancing the
    optimization of the processes and the establishment of the process management-driven process.

Optimization of development of automobile manufacturers

  • Gehrung Wolff & Partner was able to successfully integrate, in a pilot project of an internationally active
    automotive manufacturer, the development cycleprocess for a new electronically active safety and driver assistance
    systems into the existing overall vehicle development. The processes of research and advanced technology
    development of the different research centers and its suppliers were hereby taken into account. A with all involved
    parties coordinated technology roadmap was drawn up and aligned with the functional specifications (Lastenheft)
    of every vehicle series. Prospective development processes have the above mentioned "technology roadmap"
    as a fixed milestone in the process.

GWP founding member of the TIPS Group

  • Since April 2008, as part of the Research and Innovation Initiative IHK, Gehrung Wolff & Partners, as one of
    the founding members, is working in the closed TRIZ-Group 2. The group consists of about 10 well-known companies
    and in monthly meetings practical solutions out of the business environment are solved with the help of the TRIZ method. 

    The term TRIZ is the Russian acronym for "Theory of inventive problem solving". In English, the acronym TIPS
    (Theory of Inventive Problem Solving) is used. TRIZ is hidden behind a philosophy that overcoming thought barriers
    as well as a quick and targeted search for high quality solutions.

    TRIZ provides, so to speak, the "best practice" knowledge of successful inventors!

FMEA expert group

  • On 30.04.2008, finally. The first FMEA expert group with an active participation from Gehrung Wolff & Partners
    has taken place. This FMEA expert group serves as a platform to exchange experience on selected FMEA-service
    companies in southern Germany. The first meeting examined the handling of "special characteristics in theory
    and practice". (German: “besonderen Merkmalen in Theorie und Praxis“). More events are planned in regular,
    three month intervals.

    The goal is a pragmatic layout of the requirements of the German Association of the Automotive Industry
    (Verband der Automobilindustrie) on FMEA, thus harmonizing the German automotive industry in terms of
    manufacturers, as well as suppliers. The aim is to further develop standards and coordinate operational methods.

Introduction of a quality management system according to ISO TS 16949

  • Within only 4 months a quality management system according to ISO TS 16949 was implemented in a
    START-UP company.

    The acceptance and confirmation of the quality management system certification by the certification
    association is imminent. Content of the project was the organizational restructuring and the creation of
    a Quality Management Manual (QMM), including procedures and required forms, staff training and
    the conduct of internal audits. This enables the company to make its internal processes more efficient.

Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001:2000

  • Since the 2007 establishment of our association, the goal was the certification according to
    DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 in Quarter I of 2008. With the presentation of the certificate the TÜV SÜD
    Management GmbH certified us to have achieved the goal on the very first try. With the implemented
    internal quality management system, we confirm that we practice our processes (to live what
    we preach). It ensures that our services in our client’s projects are focused and implemented on
    schedule. The QM system also motivates us to continuous improvement of our work – dynamic quality,
    so to speak.


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