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Preventive risk and hazard analysis

The ever-increasing requirements and the increasing complexity of products and processes, requires early analysis and identification of potential risks. With the implementation / improvement of a coordinated process to execute the preventive hazard / risk analysis, we assist with an efficient implementation.

Gehrung & Partner can support you in the following areas:

Risk and hazard analysis process:
  • Evaluation of the existing risk analysis process
    of the entire product development
  • Introduction of a development process according
    to IEC 61508
  • Introduction of an appropriate risk analysis process, including the necessary interface definitions

Preventive Risk analysis:
  • Training and coaching
    of preventive risk analysis methods / tools
  • Support with the implementation of preventive
    risk analysis (Product-FMEA, Process-FMEA,
    FTA, DRBFM, etc.)
  • Interface alignment between individual
    product FMEAs and process FMEAs
  • Interface alignment with supplier and customer
    FMEAs Hazard

Hazard analysis by means of
functional safety (SIL / ASIL):

  • Determination of the application range
    and SIL- / ASIL-Level classification by means
    of risk analysis
  • Evidence for the required SIL- / ASIL-Levels
    of congruent components / systems with help
    of failure rates investigations (FMECA / FMEDA)
Risk analysis - hazard analysis
Customer benefit

  • Legal protection
    Legal basis for product liability cases
  • Securing the future
    Increasing reliability
  • Market opportunities
    Improved image with reliable products
    and processes
  • Cost reduction
    By minimizing non-compliance costs
  • Quality improvement
    Increasing product and process quality
  • Time saving
    By using preventive product and process analysis
  • Adherence to schedules
    An increase in predictability by means
    of a preventive approach
  • Qualification
    Through the "Train the Trainer"-principle
  • Transfer of Knowledge
    Consistent understanding of quality

            results in combined confidence

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